How to Have Fun on Vacation While Still Being Frugal!!

So it’s summer and you know what that means… vacation time.

Unfortunately for me, I have been in summer school alllll summer long, but yippee it’s almost over!

This weekend I am planning to go to San Francisco with some friends and family, and have a great time. I also plan to save a bunch of money with my groupons, hotel discount codes, passes, and discount coupons.

Spring 2012 I will graduate with my Bachelors and my brother will be graduating from high school. My parents want to celebrate by taking us to Orlando and Miami as a gift and I already have tons of great resources to help us save on our trip!

One thing I always do before going on vacation is research what kinds of deals/discounts I can get on entertainment, food, and attractions. I subscribe to that city’s Groupon, LivingSocial, DealSwarm, etc… and just unsubscribe when I get back. That way I know where the locals go to have fun and dine, and save tons of money at the same time. Here’s a couple more tips on how you can save money before and on your vacation:

  • Book well in-advance
  • Research your fares
  • Fly during the week.. if you can
  • Use frequent flyer miles
  • Pack your own airplane food
  • Take all carry-on luggage.. if you can
  • Drive instead… if you can
  • Take public transportation
  • Find discount hotel rates
  • Ask the concierge for the inside scoop
  • Bring your own breakfast foods
  • Pack your own snacks
  • Bring your own water bottles
  • Mix your own alcoholic drinks
  • Use credit card rewards points
  • Rent a car only if needed
  • Never buy anything from the gift shop.. its over priced
  • Don’t get room service
  • Never go on excursions or tours through an agency.. do your research
  • Use the local supermarkets where possible