What is Extreme Couponing?

Have you seen TLC’s new show Extreme Couponing? I love this show.. imagine paying only $8 for $800 worth of groceries! WOOHOO! I love to save money with coupons, but I am not an “extreme couponer” in any way.

This post will just be a little taste of what it is and how to get started. If you really are interested you can do some research and you will find tons of sites and communities dedicated to extreme couponing. I may actually try to do this one day in the future, for the challenge of it. But I have to warn you.. you may not spend much in money, but you will have to spent a lot of time to become a great extreme couponer.

There are many levels of couponing. There is the lower “clip and save” level, who only use coupons on things they use, (me :P). However, the extreme couponer uses coupons on things they will use now, but also on what they may need in the future, like months ahead.

Extreme Couponing is a way to save huge amounts of money buying items shoppers purchase every day. It also allows shoppers to store a pantry full of household items and groceries with very little money and in case of a job loss or some sort of catastrophe, there is a stockpile of food to survive on.

So how can you get started? Well clipping coupons of course! There are many different kinds of coupons and ways to get them: The Sunday newspaper, manufacturers’ coupons, store coupons, weekly circulars, your mailbox, your local newspaper, online, blogs, company/brand websites, previous purchases, etc. The goal is to get as much high-value coupons as you can get.

Once the coupons are collected, the organization begins! You should sort out the coupons, categorize, and look at what will be on sale that day/week at the store you will be shopping at. You should look for stores that double or triple coupons in your area and talk to the store manager often, to make sure coupon policies haven’t changed.

After that, you’re set to go! Of course you will need a lot of free time, patience, and commitment, but who knows? It may be worth it!

Hello Blogosphere!!

It took me a while to think of what to write this blog about for my management class. I kept on thinking I should write something very career oriented or serious, then it hit me, I should write about something I do every day, something I love and am passionate about… saving money!

I’ve always liked to save money since I can recall. I can remember going to grocery stores with my mom when I was younger, and trying to find a cheaper alternative to everything.. even candy! I always wanted the best deal. People may think I’m too frugal, thrifty, or even…eek cheap, but to me, I see it as smart, all that money you save can be spent on the fun things in life.

The funny thing is that no one in my family cuts coupons. They think it’s too much of a hassle to have to find them all, cut them, and always have them on hand. But that’s where I come in! They may not like doing the work, but they like the reward! They always call me up or ask me if I have a coupon for that product, or for this place… 9 times out of 10 I usually do. And I always have tons of freebies or samples on me, which I gladly love to give out. Every day I love checking the mail box to find packages of free stuff or things I bought online that I got a crazy deal for. I want everyone to feel like that!

It’s so true that when you get something for free or really cheap, it always looks, feels, or taste better than if you would have bought it at full price. I never accept any 1st offer or stated price, I know somewhere out there, is a coupon, discount code, certificate, or offer that will save me some dinero! I want to share all the tips and advice I’ve learned over the years. Whether it’s new shoes on sale, a great deal on books, or a free sandwich, saving money gives you a sense of accomplishment. That is what I want to give to my readers.