Packaging and Placement: The Top Ways Grocery Stores Rip You Off!

So this week I went to the grocery store to just pick up one thing and ended up with a basket full of stuff.  Have you ever done that? Spent way more at a store then you intended to and felt mad at yourself? Well stop feeling like a fool.. there may be a reason for this madness!

Have you ever noticed that generic or store brand products are usually in plain or boring colors and are never as bright and vibrant as famous, well known brands? This also goes along with the consumers preconceived notions that if a product is brand named, then it must work and vice versa. And as a result if it costs more, that’s because it works, looks, tastes, or is more effective. This isn’t always the case and you should always be a conscious and critical shopper. Don’t always believe the fancy packaging and bright lights, there is usually little to no difference in quality or performance.

Next time you go to a grocery store take a look around the aisle. The most expensive and brand named products are always located at eye level on supermarket shelves because these items make companies the most money. Value, generic, and store brands are usually located on the lower levels or on the top shelf where they literally take more effort to get to!  The average person will rarely look all the way up or down and scan all the items.

Lastly, the next time you go shopping, notice that everyday things like milk, eggs, and bread are usually located at the back of the store, which forces you to scroll down the aisles of carefully and enticingly displayed products before you get what you came for ;).

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